• Question: do you believe in evolution?

    Asked by ebby to Peter, Richard, Sara on 20 Nov 2015.
    • Photo: Richard Unwin

      Richard Unwin answered on 20 Nov 2015:

      Hi Ebby,

      Absolutely. There’s plenty of evidence that evolution is a real process – to my mind it’s the only good explanation of how the work has become what it is today.

    • Photo: Peter Francis

      Peter Francis answered on 20 Nov 2015:

      Yes, we are the evidence of evolution. From apes, to man, to strong physical fit men and women (survival) to inactive/overweight men and women. We constantly adapt to our environment which is evolution. Just like your body adapts to exercise by improved fitness 🙂

    • Photo: Sara Falcone

      Sara Falcone answered on 20 Nov 2015:

      Good morning from the animal house 😀

      Yes, I do. There is evidence and it makes a lot of sense.