• Question: how did animals survive in the ice age / or was there none

    Asked by Crazy Mad Scientist to Carolyn, Peter, Richard, Sara, Siana on 20 Nov 2015.
    • Photo: Richard Unwin

      Richard Unwin answered on 20 Nov 2015:

      Hey Crazy mad,

      There was an ice age, in fact there have been at least 11.
      Those that did survive tended to be big and furry. Humans were around during the last Ice Age and, though we’re not terribly furry, we survived by killing big furry animals, eating their meat and wearing their skin. Plants survived too – most commonly ones that had already evolved in cold places like the arctic circle so had no problems spreading south.
      It’s also important to remember that in an Ice age it’s not the whole earth that was covered in Ice – that’s a thing called ‘snowball earth’ and it’s one thing that could mean the end of all life, if it ever happened. During the last ice age we thing ice only covered about 1/3 of the earths surface.